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I am Hans Berger an author of my book “A Bridge to Cross.”

I grew up in Germany,  Bavaria. My family emigrated to the US in 1957. We arrived in Denver, Colorado on a cold November day after a journey across the Atlantic on the SS America. It was a culture shock for us not knowing the language, customs and the American way of life.The American cars were huge with wings like an aircraft. I love the old cars. My first American car was a Buick. What a machine. I broke all kinds of speed limits on the freeways. I entered high school without knowing one word of English. I picked up the language quick without any special tutoring. I was unfamiliar with all sports except for wrestling. I learned to ski at  young age and Colorado has one of the best skiing anywhere. I was a baker’s apprentice in Germany which helped me to secure a job while going to school. I entered the US Navy in 1961 and served on the USS Carpenter 825 out of Pearl Harbor baking all the goodies for the crew of around 200 men. I retired seven years ago from a career instructing Police officers for thirty years. Life is wonderful. I’m currently writing another book, the story of my life after the Navy. You can order my book “A Bridge to Cross” on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.