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The ones who’ve read my book “A Bridge to Cross” love my story. It’s unlike any other book you’ve read. I draw you in as though you are with us on a journey of nightmarish adventures.

At one point, the beginning of the story, we are fleeing the Nazis who are out to eliminate us four children and my brave mother. As things couldn’t get any worse, we are confronted by thousands of Russian troops with their iron monsters ready to devour us.

We faced  danger at every turn. If it wasn’t the brutal Russian soldiers, it was the bitter cold, the constant fear of getting shot, the awful pain in our empty stomachs yearning for a morsel of food.

Our home wasn’t in sight. Eight hundred kilometers from Heidelberg, the chances of us reuniting with my father were slim to none. Angels came out of  nowhere to rescue us in the midst enemy fire.

The biggest miracle of all, after many close calls, God made a way for us to reach freedom.


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